Saturday, December 29, 2012

Starting Weight....Ouch

I purchased my scale, set it up, and got on it.

And promptly wanted to run 10 miles.

205.9 pounds. I paid $50 for the scale, so chances are it was a pretty accurate reading.Now my resolution is losing around 30 pounds, instead of the 20 or 25 I thought it would be. On the plus side (no pun intended), I usually don't have any problem getting down to 190.

This morning, I weighed myself again, and I'm down to 205.7. And as dumb as it sounds, I was kind of glad to see that it went down, even just a bit. I'm giving myself a year to do this, it hasn't even technically started yet, but the key thing that I learned from quitting smoking is that every little victory counts. Every trigger I beat, even now, means I'm becoming stronger.

I'm trying to think of something to kick off the first week of weight loss, some kind of lifestyle change that would be a habit I would be keen to stick to. After giving it a few minutes of thought, I've decided to avoid eating any food I haven't prepared myself. I know this isn't sustainable over the long term, but I do think it will force me to get up a little earlier and cook my breakfast and prepare a lunch. And eat a goddamn salad with my dinners. There's basically no reason for me not to be taking care of my first two meals of the day, and I'm a good enough cook that dinner shouldn't be an issue either.

They key thing is that I want to lose a pound a week. More would be great, and there plenty of excess weight that I wouldn't be overly concerned about if I dropped more in the first few weeks (I kind of expect to be under 195 by February). So as long as I got that going, I'll try to continue these weekly tweaks. 

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