Friday, March 1, 2013

For the month of February!

So a few you can see, I definitely didn't lose another 10. Closing in on 5 for the month (kind of stealing the extra bit from last month), but halfway to 175 overall. Buuuuuut I've definitely started to feel some changes. I'm easily fitting into jeans and suit pants that I had struggled to put on back in November, which is freakin awesome.I realize that weight loss (specifically, fat loss) is not just a numbers game, but I'm not going to fool myself into thinking that I've added massive amounts of muscle. I'm pretty sure the body fat and muscle percentages aren't accurate. 

I have also changed things up on the exercise front. I've started running and working out more, nothing too crazy, so that is probably adding a bit to the "tighter" feeling. As I had previously noted, dropping down to this point has been easy for me in the past, so going beyond it is going to be interesting. So I'll be shooting for another 5 pounds lost during the month of March. 

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