Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm still alive - yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

But there really hasn't been much going on. Well, there has been, I guess.

1) Apply to grad school - Took the GRE, and dammit, I got in the 80th percentile for the verbal portion, but only the 25th on math...I fucking hate circles. You perfect little 360 degree bastards and your bullshit irrational number. Next stop, writing a personal statement and hoping they like the rest of what they see (hence the weight loss goal ;) and let me in somewhere. I'm also kicking around taking the LSAT, but I'm going to hedge my bets and continue applying to other programs.

2) Digitize and destroy - I finally found one of those giant binders that holds 100+ cds that I have completely filled, so I started uploading those. I'm also highly tempted to take advantage of Google's $8/month music subscription service, because come on man, that's a crazy good deal...except with the amount of music I already have, I'm not entirely convinced that it would be worth it for me, especially since Spotify is free at home. Tempting as shit though.

3) TV time...not quite down to 5 hours, I've been bored as shit lately, and Arrested Development just came back. So I give myself a bit of a pass there. Finished up The Wire, started watching Fringe, only to discover Lt Daniels made his way to that show. CREEPY.

And this ties into both 2 and 3, but I got my library card again. Woo woo. Ham on Rye bitches.

4) Losing weight...strangest thing. I cut out apples and bananas from my diet and I'm dropping weight. What the purple donkey fuck. I mean seriously. For more, we turn to Dr. Me:

Weekly WTF Health Moment, brought to you by Cheez-Its!

So I've been making little tweaks to my diet since the beginning of this year, and usually I'll try to change up one thing a week and see what impact it has. This past week, I eliminated the apple and banana from my lunch. 

Still ate Cheez Its in the afternoon.

Hell, I ate a fucking chicken parm sandwich in addition to my regular dinner the other night.

Drank a few beers last night and had half an italian hoagie.

And promptly lost slightly over a pound. Kiss my ass, Chiquita and Granny Smith.

 No changes anywhere else, ran roughly the same amount (except I'm really starting to turn it up now in terms of speed) and I've been hitting the pullup bar outside my office a bit more, but DAMN. I said at the beginning of the year I was going to tweak things, but this was by far the most unexpected result so far. I mean cooking your own food instead of eating out is almost a given to lose weight, of course exercise will make you more fit, but I guess I've finally hit that point in eating "faileo" (a non-hardcore paleo devotee, I guess?) that the extra carbs were preventing my body from burning more fat. More to come on this one, trust me.

As far as how I feel...shit, I don't think I've ever felt in as good a shape as I'm in right now. Without a doubt, I'm getting leaner, and everything feels like it's tightening up.

So that's I'm approaching the halfway point of the year, it's nice to know that I'm making great progress! And even better, I'm working towards that one goal I didn't quite get to last year, running a marathon.

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