Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Out of Exile

2011 was a year for some serious introspection. I say that on Thanksgiving Eve of the year, meaning anything COULD happen, but asking lightning to strike twice seems like a little much. Around this time, I start doing some serious introspective shit, but that's mostly due to the sheer amount of alcohol imbibed during the holidays. And every year since about seven years ago, I've taken it as a time to reflect on how I could become a better man for the next year.

This time around, for 2012, I want to document it, make it publicly available so I can be held accountable. I want 2012 to be a year where my progress as a man and a human being is out there for the world to see. Every day, I want to experience something new and share it, and see how that pans out. I want to be criticized, praised, cursed, loved, and everything in between.

Anyways, as for the title of the blog, Neverending Whiteboard is a reference to a whiteboard I keep by my desk with a list of short term goals I'll be working on, in addition to whatever new thing I experience every day next year. And as soon as I figure out how to upload a pic onto here, I'll take one of it every time something gets crossed off or added.

C'est la vie motherfuckers...and it's ending one minute at a time.