Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May update

With no further ado...boom

#1 - Quit Smoking - Fell off the wagon, getting back on, and it's clear as day the reason why. Bad habits become a snowball, and sooner or later, they end up interfering with other parts of life. For me, smoking leads to being amotivational at best, lazy at worst. Especially in the area of fitness, where I've been making great strides with P90X, but I think Mr. Horton would be pretty pissed if he knew I could be bringing it even harder.

#2 - Run a marathon - Still in progress, but I've started coming up with my training plan.

#3 - Networth - Stock market has been a bit rocky lately, so I'm in the red this month, but as I continue to make headway against monthly payments, this will eventually even out (or the Dow will be worth $5).

#4 - Write more - Again, been slacking, but I do have a good reason

#5 - Travel more - Actually had to look this one up! As I said in an earlier post, I did a pretty sweet 40 mile hike without aggravating a weak knee (thanks Plyo!) and went to the whitewater center again, but outside of that, I haven't been doing too much travel lately, but money has been a tad tight paying off debt and whatnot.

Oh, speaking of money, I'm in the process of buying a house. This may seem kind of crazy, seeing as how I want to be debt free, but buying will actually save me money on rent, and with the market being at rock bottom, it should only be going up. It's kind of a risky investment, I agree, but the price is right and I have a gut feeling that it will pay off in a few years. So here's to hope.

Looking seems like this month has been a bit of a setback in nearly every area. Which is probably why I avoided doing this until now. I guess I'll just have to try harder in the coming days. Maybe I'll set out a plan in the next few days.