Friday, November 8, 2013

Rock and roll!

Well, tomorrow I make the attempt at a marathon. I'm shooting between four and four and half hours, which is about the pace I've been training at, so now I get to see if it pays off.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

And I would walk 500 miles...

But I'm running 26.2 instead. Time for the breakdown.

1) Dropping down to 175 - It's going, but not well. I seem to have hit another plateau around 181. Granted, my diet and football season have been atrocious, but as it stands now I'd be shocked if I hit 175. However, I'm pretty happy with where I'm at, if I get to and maintain 180 I'd be pretty stoked. The flip side to that is that I need to focus on getting the crap out of my diet again. It will also be easier when I'm not scheduling runs of 10+ miles every Saturday.

2) Digitize and destroy - Ready for this? I think I've bought exactly TWO pieces of physical media this year, and both of those were video games. I have one of the first-run PS3s, so my disk space wouldn't allow it anyway. All in all, not too shabby.

3) TV time - Football's back. So there goes Sunday, though the Eagles have mostly 1pm games this season, meaning that I can actually do things after the game (though throwing on Redzone is always fun). I've been using the extra time to want to clean my house. While watching Redzone. Also, NBC has completely shit the bed with their comedy lineup. So that helps. I picked up a sidegig working a soundboard for a local bar trivia, which means my Mondays are gone, which means no more How I Met Your Mother on that instead I just watch it after Parks and Rec. It ain't much, but it lets me keep it going for another year.

4) Apply to Grad School - COMPLETED - Well, I've applied at long last. And now I wait. And wait. And wait. Am I in yet?



Anyway, I foresee the chance to turn this blog into something really positive once I am accepted, and once that happens, I'm going to be a lot more forthcoming about who I am, what I do, and more importantly, where I'm going, because I think it has the chance to become a valuable resource for others.

But until then, YOU have to wait. Sucks, doesn't it? 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Boo ya

#QuitNow! Achievement unlocked: Three-Six-Five - No smoking for one year

Sunday, August 11, 2013

#QuitNow! Achievement unlocked: Thirty days saved - You saved 30 days of your life

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I want to throw this computer out the window

But I live in a single-story house, so all I'd have is a broken window and a computer that's probably indestructible. I really want a Chromebook. I keep trying to justify the cost, but the reality is that I don't need it, and with football season slowly approaching, all sorts of secret costs are going to creep up on me as well. It doesn't help that I'm still slightly recovering from my trip home, and that I have a laptop that's in good working order. I just really hate this desktop computer and I hope it becomes unusable so I can justify it.

There's really not a whole to talk about. I'm on pace with the weight loss, working on applications for grad school, and not really watching too much TV lately. Though Breaking Bad is coming back, and Netflix had the decency to put season five up and I binged the entire season. Best Saturday EVER.

I did, however, decide to downsize some of the clutter in my house, particularly my clothes. Want to feel really good? Try stuff on, realize you're swimming in it, and then donate it. T'was great.

I'm gonna go through some of my other stuff and see what I don't use. I'm thinking of turning my one room into a sort of "limbo" where I'll put things for a month, and if I don't find myself needing or wanting it, then I'll get rid of it. I guess you can do this with a spot in your garage or closet if you don't have a whole room to spare. I'm not trying to preach minimalism here, but I figured that since I've done so well with the books/movies/music goal, this is a good way to reduce my clutter a little bit more.

Friday, July 19, 2013

It's mid July and I'm feelin fly...


I'm as energetic as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!!!

Seriously, the past month has been hectic, but holy hell has it been a wild ride, and really I'm just starting to feel like everything is coming together.

Going home has always presented various challenges to lifestyle changes, not that much different than when anyone goes on vacation. There's a certain 'not giving a fuckness' in regards to diet and exercise, doubly so when your state is known for cheesesteaks, pierogies, and Wawa. So I came up with an action plan that would ensure that I A) Wouldn't miss out on any of that goodness, and B) Wouldn't blow everything I've worked so hard to achieve. And hell, it was only ten days or so, but I've been dumb enough in the past to screw it up. At least during my ten hour drive I was smart enough to try Hardee's low carb lettuce wrapped cheeseburger. God knows I wasn't moving much on the way up.

As I've been writing this year, I've mostly been sticking to a low-carb diet, which isn't an issue when I'm in my regular routine. But one thing that I've taken away from this year, and I know this isn't a groundbreaking theory, but eating 1000 cheesesteaks in a week doesn't make any individual one taste any better. Same with Wawa hoagies. Same with birthday cake.

So I let myself splurge, but I had kind of a "food bucket list" that I stuck to. I have a list of places and friends that I always hit up when I'm home, so it made sense to apply it to food as well. And in the situations where I wasn't able to order whatever I wanted, and the food was heavy in carbs, I just made sure not to eat as much as I normally would, knowing full well that I'd be fine. Did I take a bit of shit for it? Yeah, of course. But I also used to be the kid that would eat as much french toast as my mom was willing to make. And eat as much meatloaf as I could fit in my gullet. And don't even get me going on college.

I also made sure to keep up with running, albeit at a lesser distance than I normally do. But I made sure to get my ass in gear a bit more, and made the most of those three miles. I took advantage of some great hiking trails available to me, and did a nice little 8 mile hike. And as a result of watching the food I was eating, and moving when I got the chance, I only gained a pound or two that damn near vanished by the second or third day once I was back.

Speaking of which, I'm under 185, meaning I'm once again in the normal BMI range for my height.  BOO YA. I'd like to thank the academy, Kanye West, and Jesus. But mostly I'd like to thank Goldfish. The running probably didn't hurt, especially completing my 2nd 10k, which was changed to a trail run at the last second. In spite of that, I still managed to run it in about 56 minutes, nothing mind blowing, but considering 90% of my training is on flat ground, I'm still pretty happy with it. And I still got to eat an entire pizza guilt free as I sat on the couch and played video games for 10 hours straight afterwards. FOR AMERICA.

Next up on the "race" (against myself) schedule is an alien themed half marathon next month, interestingly enough, just after my one year anniversary of quitting smoking. I've also finally signed up for the Rock n Roll marathon in November, so I'll be getting Eye of the Tiger on that.

About 9.5 pounds with about 5.5 months left..I don't foresee this being a problem. I'm not sure if its a mental or physical thing, but hitting 185 has made me feel invincible.

Anyway, outside of that, I've continued not buying any physical media, and since CDs are pretty much worthless these days, I'm just gonna hang on to what I have. Sure, it's more of an avoidance thing, but I really don't have a freakin clue what to do with them. Plus, someday I think it'll be pretty cool to be able to flip through them, like people do with vinyl now. I may go through and get rid of ones that scratched beyond usefulness, or are pure garbage, but that's about the extent of it.

TV...I watch what I watch. Somedays its less, somedays its more, but I guess as long as I don't look or feel too much like a couch potato, then it doesn't bother me.

Still need to write my stupid personal statement for grad school. I'll get there. Personal deadline is the end of the month.

And in other news, I'm starting my "Troll Tour" this year by visiting at least one away game of the Eagles each season. Can't wait, looking to either DC for Week 1 or Tampa Bay in week...6 I think.