Sunday, February 24, 2013 post!

Ugh, what a crazy busy February it's been. For a short month, I still managed to pack quite a bit into it, and yet going to the movies wasn't one of them because there hasn't been anything worth seeing since Silver Linings Playbook came out.

I'll be doing the monthly rundown Friday, but I wanted to take the time to pat myself on the back for going six months without smoking (as of Valentine's Day, I <3 me). So knowing this, I go into my dental appointment, only to discover I HAVE A FREAKIN CAVITY. WHAT THE DONKEY PUNCH!?!?!

Let's recap. I'm 27, smoked between the ages of 17 and 26, been drinking for the past decade, was a heavy soda drinker before that, and never thought twice about high fructose corn syrup until two years ago, AND NOW I get a cavity?

There is no justice in this life.

And there sure as hell ain't any in my mouth.

...yeah we'll go with that.

Anyway, so this Valentine's Day, I treated the everlovin crap out of myself. Snagged the Bond 50 blu ray collection off Amazon for $130, $90 of which was from a bunch of old textbooks I had sent back as part of my decluttering resolution. I realize buying a 22-movie James Bond blu ray collection seems a tad contradictory, but I justified this due to the fact that A) It's Bond, and B) It's James Bond. It's not like they're gonna be keeping ALL of those on Netflix anytime soon.

I also bought some sweet pens from Tu(weird dotty thing)l. These are some nice pens! Not something I usually get excited about, but hey, when you got your pen brand figured out, it's one less thing on your plate.