Thursday, April 18, 2013


Shit, I totally missed the beginning of April update, and by miss, I mean I probably passed on it on purpose.

Basically, my weight hasn't changed at all. But, I've been running upwards of 20 miles a week, and I feel like I've slimmed a bit. Of course, I would have slimmed more if I hadn't drank my way into finishing a beer club, but hey, these things happen. I also didn't do my diet any favors lately. But, like with smoking, I'm back on track, and the results would have been far worse had I not been going to the gym regularly. Anyway, I've mitigated the damage done, and we're still not even halfway through the year, so we'll see how it goes with a combination of the gym AND eating right. Regardless, I'm feeling gooooooood.

As for the digitize and destroy portion, I've gotten a good portion of the digitize part down, and a small milk crate full of CDs I'll be bringing in later today to be sold. Assuming all of them are taken, that should take care of the goal to cut it down to one cd tower. Books are holding steady, and I haven't bought any new DVDs. In fact, Netflix's DVD service has made watching The Wire more enjoyable than me buying the whole damn thing and watching it in one sitting.

Grad school? Got the GRE scheduled baby! May 2nd, and I've started studying. That's about that.

TV Time - I'm getting there, slowly but surely. There's only a few more episodes of The Office that will ever air, leaving me with just about three shows next year.

So that's that...progress, for the most part.