Sunday, October 28, 2012

September Review

Completely forgot to do my September update, but there hasn't been a whole to mention either. First up, the updates

Quit Smoking - 10 weeks strong! I've been trying to figure out the last time I went this long without smoking, and as far as I can tell, it's been either 6 years or never. It's even getting to the point that I can smell the smoke on my clothes after going out, which isn't a great thing for my clothes, but a testament to the new nostril power! Also my willpower, as I haven't even really been tempted. Actually, the one downside has been that I don't even really like going to smoking bars now, which unfortunately is just about every bar. Unfortunately, a good chunk of my friends still smoke, meaning I'm stuck with the smoke smell for now. I'm on track to having half the year smoke-free by the time New Years runs around. And THAT is a great feeling. I'll start posting my QuitNow achievements on here again since I'm past the point I was at last time.

Networth - Doing better and better. Credit card is now paid off, two more of my student loans were knocked off, and now that I have a mortgage instead of rent and a slight bump in salary, paying a bit more every month while still living my life is now possible. Having some breathing room is definitely making this aspect of my life easier to deal with, seeing as how I can actually do things instead of sitting around the house.

Run a marathon - This one is going to be going on the backburner until early next year. I was gradually increasing my runs by 5 miles each week until I got my eye surgery, and with just a week off, I kind of fell off.

Travel more - Got a trip booked to Savannah next month! Outside of that, I got to see my beloved Foo Fighters in Atlanta halfway through last month, something I'm glad I did after they announced they're going on hiatus not even a week later.

Write more - Well, clearly I haven't been. I think of all my resolutions, this is one I've struggled with the most. Not sure if I'll end up picking this one up more by the year's end, but at the very least, I have nearly 50 posts on here!