Monday, December 12, 2011

Lights out, Guerrila Radio

Cancelled cable about a week ago, joining what's supposedly a growing trend and one that I may as well have been a part of for over a year. When I originally moved, I wasn't planning on getting cable, but the cost of internet turned out to be cheaper if I purchased cable along with it.

Why do it? Cost wasn't the major issue, though I'll save about $15 a month. I just don't see how it makes sense to pay for a service I rarely use, since most cable shows I would watch are on at 10pm later, when I'm usually working or sleeping. Sure, there's DVR, but that would add on another $10 a month and having had a DVR in the past, I know it'd be mostly filled up with reruns and movies. If USA Network or FX loosened up on rebroadcasting the few shows worth watching, I'd even consider sticking around, but instead I would have to search it out on Hulu or Netflix, and it wasn't long before I was relying on that. The fact that Hulu+ exists but those networks won't sign on is bad for them, because as much as I'd rather pay them money to keep producing good shows, they really don't leave much of a choice.

And I always have the good ol' antenna, which is pretty much all you need for most decent shows after 7pm anyway. The one tricky area was always sports, which the PS3 cured by bringing Sunday Ticket (fun fact, you only need login information for ST-to go to take advantage, find a good friend and pay them the $50), and if you're lucky enough to live in the area of your team, you're gonna get the game anyway.

I don't currently have Hulu+ or Netflix, but throw in one of those with the antenna and you've got about 90% of what's worth watching. For whatever's left, there's always DVDs, Amazon, or Google Play. I just kind of came to the decision to cut the cord on paying $15 for something that's offered for free anyway.

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