Friday, September 7, 2012

Wallpaper = Sheet Rock Holocaust

In addition to my ongoing New Year's resolutions, I have a few other ones listed that are more of a to-do list, and after an embarrassing 3 months, I took my watch in to get its battery replaced. The sad part is, I thought it would have to be shipped off and cost me $80, but after 10 bucks and five minutes, the wrist was blingin' again. Woo!

Now onto the wallpaper...the previous owners had god-awful wallpaper borders, and after investigating a variety of options ranging from an expensive steamer to cursing it off, I settled on a wallpaper removal concentrate, which didn't work any better than just hot water, a sponge, and a scraper. I'm sure the steamer might have been the best option, but $100 is nuts compared to the $5 I paid for the scraper and maybe another $5 I paid for the scorer. The real test is going to be when I tackle the completely wall-papered foyer (which admittedly, doesn't look terrible) and the painted over wallpaper in the kitchen.

My PRK surgery seems to have healed at a pace which can only be described as incredi-fast. My eyesight is at least near 20/20, and for the first time since the surgery I set the screen back to 100% instead of 150%.

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