Friday, March 2, 2012

Alright, February Update Time

Just thought I'd do a quick post on the state of my resolutions

#1 - Quit smoking - STATUS = Much better than last month, definitely making strides towards quitting for good, and even though I have the occasional slip up, things are going way better in this arena. 

#2 - Marathon - STATUS = Halfway there! Ran my first half marathon on Sunday! And lo, it was good!

#3 - Networth - STATUS = Close to breaking even. My credit card IS PAID OFF. I'm right on the brink of being neutral on this, so that's a hell of a good feeling. 

#4 - Travel more! - STATUS = Better so far. Februrary just felt insanely bust for whatever reason, but I did get out more and tried a few new things, such as the beer tasting, which definitely sparked some change into my life. 

$5 - Write more - STATUS = DOING IT! Wrote a bunch of papers for school, and have been updating this a lot more often than during the month of January. 

I just wanted to get this quick update out of the way, but I'm sure I'll have some more rambling coming up in the next few days...until then, dream on!

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