Friday, March 9, 2012

Neverending Whiteboard and the 100 Push Up Challenge

Push ups have always kind of been a huge pain in the ass. I have a bit of a large frame, about 6 feet tall and 185 pounds, but there's a lot more muscle in my legs (and fat in my gut) than in my arms, so after about 40-50 in a row, I'm usually done. And honestly, knowing my upper limit kind of bums me out when it's time to do them, because I feel like getting to that number is my goal, and then I can cop out.

Well, not anymore. I'm setting my sights on triple digits, and my plan is going to be pretty straight forward.

1) The 100 pushup challenge website. This website has been up for years, and they outline an 8 week regimen of doing sets of pushups three times a week. It seems like a pretty sound plan, and since it still has that kind of staying power after not really updating much (other than several other physical challenges), I'm fairly confident that it will at least get me to 80+. The site can be found at

2) Make myself lighter. USING MAGIC! It's a fairly simple philosophy, to do more pushups, weigh less. Now I doubt I'll be dropping 10 pounds in this course of time, since my diet is already fairly steady and mostly healthy, but avoiding putting anything extra on will be a huge boost in this department. Much like how I used a budget to start paying off credit cards and now my loans, I'll just limit the energy drinks (I recently discovered Monster's Rehab tea is pretty damn tasty) and try to find any other areas where I can literally trim the fat.

3) Hold myself accountable on here. While I haven't been updating every day like I wanted to, three a week has seemed to be the norm, so adding in my progress should only take a second.

4) Eventually post a video of me doing 100 pushups in a row while wearing green paint, and then Hulk out of my shirt. It's gonna be corny as shit, but if I ever achieve that accomplishment, it's gonna be fucking sweet. 

Also, I think in about two weeks I'll be heading out to take care of another section of some sweet hiking. Like I said in my previous post, I'll make sure to avoid the pitfalls of the last trip and just enjoy myself instead of just viewing it as a box to check off.  

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