Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Losin It!

Alright, so I got through last week's "no outside food" challenge well enough, dropping from a starting weight of 205.9 pounds to 198.2 pounds on Saturday morning. I think it's safe to say I had a lot of empty calories to lose, otherwise that would have been something to be concerned about. It also helped that I was sick as a dog after going out New Year's Eve while fighting off a cold.

Yeah, really fucking smart.

I did experience a quick uptick in weight again after drinking at a trivia night and then falling slave to Taco Bell's XXL Beef Nachos. Don't fall save to Taco Bell's XXL Beef Nachos. I've worked in the food industry before, so I'm just going to guess that they're about 1500 calories.

And now I'm going to check. 1160...yeah, not the thing you should be eating at 11pm. Anyway, I've only just gotten back down to there, and it's been three or four days later.

This week's challenge is a bit more of a out for one meal each day, and try to maintain weight loss. Eating out is inevitable in your 20s, so I figure that healthy dining options wherever I go should be something I should concern myself with, and to make sure that I have a healthy breakfast and lunch to hopefully offset most of the damage.

I'll post the little picture thing detailing my daily weigh-ins later when I have time to figure out the snapshot thingy on my phone and all that crap.

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