Thursday, January 24, 2013

Still Losing? I'm gonna need to think of better titles

I hit sub 195 pounds this week! And then promptly ate a stromboli last night, erasing most of the benefit. The good thing is that I should bounce back for tomorrow morning's weigh in, and that's good, since I wanted to at least get below 195 by the month's end. So screw it, that stromboli was delicious and I earned it.

So as of now, I'm looking at over 11 pounds lost since the beginning of the year, and I'm finding myself feeling a lot better because of it. It's amazing what not being bloated and pounding potato chips and monsters every night does to a person. I've gone into this on a whole "hack of the week" kind of approach that I do kind of regret. Yeah it was important to see the weight I could lose by not eating out, just as it was important to realize that life is gonna happen and I will eat out, but by far the most important has just been taking as much control as I can, as easily as I can.

For instance, here's a quick breakdown.

Breakfast - Two eggs, two strips of bacon, coffee with a bit of cream
Snack - piece of fruit, banana
Lunch - sausage, generous portion of frozen veggies
Snack - almonds or sweet potato chips
Dinner - Some portion of awesome meat/fish/chicken, veggies, and a possible salad

And no goddamn energy drinks. Ever. Even the coffee has felt less necessary as of late. As you can see, I'm following a low-carb approach, I'm hesitant to call it paleo, but it is sort of what I'm aspiring too. I haven't been working out very much either, mostly sticking to a 3 mile run with coworkers once a week (I'll bump it up to twice a week once I'm not dead by the end of it, somehow I've slowed down since I quit smoking). I'm also not exactly sure what calorie count all of that adds up to, only that I don't feel as if I'm starving myself. At first I felt hungry and eat just about all my food at work by noon; now I've been able to eat one piece of fruit before my lunch, and then save the other one for an hour later or so. I do know that I don't want to eat less than this any time soon, if ever, because it seems like a small amount (or more likely, a smaller amount than I'm used to cramming down my facehole).

In other resolution news, I've sold a few of my books on Amazon and sent those in. I still haven't dealt with my CD issue, but it has been kind of far down my to do list, to the point that I only just thought about it.

TV time? Not an issue now that football season is over. The only TV I watch on a regular basis is How I Met Your Mother and NBC Thursday comedies, except for 1600 Penn, that show is a horrible shit pile. However on the computer front, I found a stupid free to play Star Wars MMORPG, and yeah...crap.

And on the grad school front, I have opened the GRE book. The GRE book is open. Boo ya.

Anyway, weigh in posting will be tomorrow. Hell or high water. 

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