Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What doesn't kill you

Aaaaaand I'm back. Well the bar crawl was about as painful as it gets, but I somehow managed to power myself through a dozen bars in less than four hours. Which is usually a cry for help, unless you have a piece of paper around your neck with a bunch of stamps on it. Sure, it wasn't the financial decision of the year, or even the best choice I've ever made in regards to my health, but it was also kind of a nice wake up call. A few years ago, I probably could have around to all those bars twice and been dragging people around for a third go at it. The five hours I spent in bed Sunday after waking up was almost a relief in retrospect. Unfortunately, that meant the rest of Sunday was spent between writing my paper for class and trying not to vomit. Such is life.

Monday led me to my last big training run for my half marathon...made it 10 miles while rocking a pace slightly above 10 minutes a mile. The weather was awesome for running and I'll be lucky if it's anywhere near that nice this Sunday. Most of it was walk/run, and I'm fine with that, as long as I focus more on the run and less on the walk, while keeping that kind of pace. Needless to say, I won't be breaking any land speed records...this time around.

And lent. Lent lent lent. As a lapsed Catholic, I still try to incorporate some parts of it that I don't entirely hate. I didn't get ashed today, but I did pick a few things to mix up my life a bit, and hopefully make me a better man in the process.

1) I started a swear jar at work. This is gonna hurt...because I love to curse. I'm going total Quaker on this motha, and not even allowing dammit. I'll try to figure out something good to do with the money.

2) I'm quitting Facebook. I'm doing this one for a number of reasons, mainly to inspire myself to actually do something other than chat with people I talk to every day in real life. As ironic as it sounds for someone who loves writing, and has this pathetic excuse for a blog, the whole point of Facebook has pretty much disappeared for me. My college friends are either in my life regardless through phone calls, or they're completely out of my life. Sadly, same with family. And as for the people currently in my life, where I'm at...well, they know my number and where I live. So it just seems ridiculous. Equally ridiculous is the fact that I'm using my Google+ account more. I enjoy having my little corner of the web for photos, and a go-to profile type thing for people to get the basic run down on me. Facebook, over the years, has it made it darn near impossible to separate the past from the present, or even split up who can see what. So, I downloaded my account info, told everyone where they could find me, and that's that. Now I have 14 days before my account deletion is scheduled to take's hoping my will lasts that long.

3) And as usual, I'm going to try not eating red meat for the entire period of lent. I've done this one for the past three or four years, and honestly it's not even a challenge anymore, and in fact as made me healthier for it. Here's hoping the previous two lead me down the same road.

PS - tried out my shiny new food processor today when I made some hummus. It's a lot easier to clean than the blender, but I'm still not completely sold on it yet...even though it was a gift. 

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