Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bringin it!

I gotta say...I'm pretty excited by my progress thus far. I'm really setting 2012 up to my best year ever, and to add to it, I'm finally starting to get to more of my tertiary goals out of the way. And one that has been on my board since I started this crazy adventure was getting through a full round of P90X. It's cliche as all hell, but let's face it, when something works, and then becomes popular, cliche seems like kind of a dick label to attach to it.

I don't know for sure that P90X works, I know a few people who have at least started it (I myself did P30X, which is when you do the first phase and then eat pizza and skip working out). But here's what I do know, from my limited knowledge of working out.

1) When you work out, you get more fit (fitter?)

2) When you work out six times a week for an hour+ at a time, you're going to get really fucking fit.

3) Ab Ripper X makes me cry.

There's really no rhyme or reason for my choosing of P90X, it's a matter of already having the system and never completing it before. And besides, after cancelling cable, Netflix, and Hulu+, I have a surplus of time on my hands, one that's only going to increase as my favorite shows end their seasons.

So what do I expect? 

Simply put, I just want to FEEL better. All around, not just in my upper body or my legs. And while I love running, the truth is that it's not a great all around workout, and in fact depends on the extra core work to make it doable. And while I expect to get stronger, I don't necessarily feel the need to look stronger, even though that'd be an awesome side benefit. Also, taking this on has led to another first, but this one unfortunately kind of adds to the cliche....I totally took cell phones in the mirror with my shirt off. That part is just out of sheer curiosity than anything else, but I'll be excited to see if there's a noticeable difference between now and then. I'm about to hit the third week, and I'll be following the diet a lot more strictly to see if I can get the maximum benefit from this program.

Finally, I've pretty much shit-canned the 100 pushup challenge. It's just too boring. I like P90X because at least it mixes things up, which is important when you're dumping all that time, money, and energy into a program. So here's to bringin it!

(on a side note, that freakin Someone That I Used to Know is stuck in my head like crazy)

And why the hell does Maroon 5 have a song called payphone in the year 2012?

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